WYSIWYG: Scoly - Scolymia Bleeding Apple 5

WYSIWYG: Scoly - Scolymia Bleeding Apple 5

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The scoly/scolymia coral is the "high end" of all corals. They are also some of the easiest and brightest colored corals out there. All of our scolys originated from Australia.

Lighting: From experience, these can be placed about anywhere. I have placed them in the sandbed, glued them to tops of rocks, and in the middle of my tanks. In each place, they all look happy.

Water Flow: Most people place these in the sandbed because they like low flow. Too much flow causes them to not extend/puff up fully. 

Feeding: These corals are photosynthetic through zooxanthellae but they also benefit from direct feeding. I feed mine pellet based coral food, but Scolymia can also eat  large pieces of food such as full sized silverside fish.