WYSIWYG - LPS - Kryptonite Frogspawn Wall

WYSIWYG - LPS - Kryptonite Frogspawn Wall

  • $ 11999

The frogspawn coral has has been a must have in hobbyists aquarium for years. They come in a variety of colors ranging from blue, green, mint, neon green, purple, bi-color green/purple, orange, and even gold.

Interesting fact: They also come in two varieties, branching type and wall type. The branching type has individual polyps that will reproduce by growing a polyp from it's skeleton or by splitting a "head" into two. The wall on the other hand, doesn't split or create polyps. It just keeps getting bigger!

Origin: These corals originated from Australia or Indonesia and are commonly aquacultured for compatibility in a home reef aquarium.