Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the corals I purchase from you look just like the pictures?

A. For all the pictures I take, I take under blue LED lighting with an orange gel filter. The gel filter is used to remove the blue tint and show a corals true florescence. If you are running white lights, then of course the corals will not glow as bright. I DO NOT Photoshop my images for increased saturation.  The only color editing I do is on the camera itself when taking and it's for white balance only. I am well known for my photos matching what you see in real life.


Q. What type of lighting do you use?

A. I use them all! As we all have different setups when it comes to our reef aquariums, I took an extra step to ensure my corals will do well in your tank as well. My main lights are Kessil 360WE and the Maxspect Razor. I also supplement with T5 and metal halide lights. Since I use a bit of everything, rest assured you won't have any lighting issues when it comes to my corals.


Q. Do I need to acclimate corals?

A. For majority of corals, the only acclimation you would need to do is for lighting. Your lighting may be set at a higher output than mine, so I always recommend placing corals closer to the bottom of your reef aquarium and slowly moving them up depending on how they react to your light. If a coral is placed too high, they will show signs by expelling zooxanthellae or by shrinking. I recommend water acclimation for anemones, clams, feather dusters, and other invertebrates.


Q. How do I add your corals to add to my aquarium when they come on a frag plug?

A. The easiest way is to take a pair of pliers and clip off the bottom of the frag plug. Once you do this, you then use some super gel gel (cyanoacrylate based) to mount it to any rockwork in your aquarium. The glue can cure underwater so there is no need to remove rocks from your tank before gluing. If you want a cleaner look, slide a razor blade as close as you can to the frag plug to remove the coral completely. I've noticed that if you do it in this manner, it takes longer for the coral to recover and may stay closed for a couple days.